Dwight Houston and Ethan Brightman are in love. Nothing could ever come between them, not until the car accident. Ethan loses all memory of being with Dwight but can love truly conquer all? Can Dwight find a way to trigger Ethan’s memories?

Meanwhile, Ethan is struggling with strange feelings he never thought he’d have. He’s drawn to Dwight and knows thaat there is something important there, something he’d forgetting, something just out of reach. If he could just figure out what it was.

Characters from CP Coulter’s ‘Dalton’

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Collision - Part 1 

It started with a kiss. It always seemed to start with a kiss. Right from the beginning, which I suppose made sense considering that’s where it started. The start of everything. The build up had been torture but one kiss was all it took to let everything loose.

Dwight Houston was anything but normal. All his life he’d been told that. He was the target of constant taunts and ridicule. He never had any friends, buthe was okay with that. He had his kid brother. Alan was the only friend he’d ever need. They’d protect each other from ghosts and demons and nothing would stop them. They were a team. Right up until Alan died. 

He was only seven. Dwight never forgave himself. As the big brother he was supposed to keep Alan safe, but some monsters would get passed the salt and the holy water. Sometimes the line between human and monster blurred. So he ran from the monsters. He went from school to school, learning to protect himself as he went, trying to find the safest place he could, until one day he stumbled upon Dalton Academy for boys, he stumbled on Warblerland, and that’s a whole other story.

Then there’s Ethan. Crazy, boisterous, loud, fun Ethan. Ethan was just there for the excitement. His favourite children story was Alice in Wonderland. He and his twin brother, Evan spent their time naming their friends after the characters, having nerf fights and generally causing mischief. Dwight hated it. He hated cleaning up after him. He hated them scaring him, and pranking him. He hated it all, right up until the point Ethan’s lips brushed over his. The sweetest of first kisses. The sweetest of new beginnings.

Dwight didn’t see it as annoying anymore. He saw it as endearing and sometimes Ethan even forced him to join in. As much as the thought of Ethan coming at him, wielding a nerf gun terrified him, he could never say no. He’d always say yes, if just to see the smile on Ethan’s face.

It was another kiss that found Dwight in his current situation. It started so innocently. Although, that was the way it usually started too. Dwight and Ethan were laying together in Dwight’s room like they usually did. All he’d done is leant over and pressed a gentle kiss to Ethan’s lips. It was the way Ethan was looking at him. He couldn’t stop himself, he just had to kiss him. He should’ve known, really. Ethan was the most playful guy Dwight knew. Still, as Dwight felt a tongue slide along his bottom lip, he couldn’t help but move closer, urging Ethan to do more. It felt so good whenever Ethan did that.

Ethan giggled softly into Dwight’s lips before pulling him closer. Dwight kept the kiss going for just a little longer, mainly because Ethan’s tongue was still swiping along his lip. Screw breathing, that felt so good, he wasn’t about to let it stop. Eventually though, he had to. As he pulled away, his eyes slowly fluttered open. He missed Ethan’s lips already. They were so soft and warm and Dwight was sure kissing Ethan was the greatest thing in the world.

Ethan licked his lips, smirking, “You taste really good. Can I-”

Dwight cut him off, leaning forward again, “Oh God, yes, you can.” 

He pressed their lips back together, sighing softly. His hand brushed along Ethan’s cheek, slowly running to the back of his neck and pulling him closer. Dwight could feel Ethan’s smirk against his lips and he really shouldn’t have been okay with him being so smug, but this was Ethan. He’d learnt that whenever Ethan was smug, especially in situations like this one, the outcome was going to be good for both of them.

He melted just a little as he felt Ethan’s tongue hesitantly flick over his lips again. It always felt so good when he did that. A jolt of excitement ran through him. It was like Ethan was reading his mind. Just as he thought about how amazing it would be for Ethan to keep going, do more, his tongue ran tortuously slowly along Dwight’s bottom lip. Dwight parted his lips just enough. He didn’t want to beg, but come on! If Ethan didn’t keep going, Dwight was going to have to take matters into his own hands, and really, Ethan was much better at punishment than he was. 

He really didn’t know what it was he was expecting Ethan to do next, but when he felt teeth graze over his bottom lip, he couldn’t control the sound that came from the back of his throat. It was only for a moment but it was enough to drive Dwight just a little bit insane, and he was very sure that Ethan did it on purpose. That was one thing, but then a moment passed and Ethan was sucking ever so softly on Dwight’s lip, causing him to groan. That wasn’t fair. He couldn’t just do that. Ethan ran a hand into Dwight’s hair, pulling him closer and continued to suck gently on his lip. 

Dwight tried his best to stay still, knowing how good it was when Ethan got like this. He didn’t want to mess with it. He’d just let Ethan do what he was good at, and he wasn’t just good at it. He was amazing at it. It wasn’t long before Ethan’s tongue was sliding along his lip once more. Dwight whined softly as Ethan’s teeth grazed along his lip again. He couldn’t take it anymore. The feelings bubbling up in him were far too much to not just pounce on Ethan.

Dwight grabbed Ethan’s hands, pressing him down into the sheets and pulling away from the kiss, groaning as Ethan’s teeth tugged on his lip, “You’re such a tease.”

Ethan grinned, leaning forward in Dwight’s hold, and murmuring into his lips, “You love it.”

Dwight was very sure Ethan would be the death of him. He wasn’t sure how, or why, he just knew he would. One day Ethan would plan something so extravagant, something so crazy and that would be the end of Dwight Houston. He also knew that it would definitely be worth it.

Dwight growled softly, murmuring into Ethan’s lips roughly, “So what if I do?”

“Well, I know a few other things you love…” Ethan bit his lip, stifling his grin.

Dwight looked into Ethan’s ice blue eyes, taking a shaky breath. Just the thought of all the things Ethan could do to him, would do, was enough to send shivers down his spine, “Like what?”

Ethan laced their fingers together, wrapping his leg around Dwight’s and using it as leverage to flip them. He chuckled softly brushing his lips along Dwight’s jaw, barely touching his skin. Dwight’s breath hitched as he watched Ethan, feeling his fingers move from his hands, along his arms. Ethan’s lips brushed over Dwight’s ear, “You want me to show you?”

Dwight wrapped his arms around Ethan’s waist, running his hands under his shirt and up his back. His skin beneath Dwight’s fingertips always felt so good. It almost made him tingle. He was always so warm. Nodding slowly, he dug his nails into Ethan’s back just a little. Ethan raised his eyebrows, smirking and kissed Dwight softly, moving his fingers along Dwight’s sides.

It wasn’t long before Ethan was deepening the kiss, running his tongue over the top of Dwight’s mouth and earning a soft moan. A moment later, Ethan’s hands were under Dwight’s shirt, running up his chest and pushing it up. He pulled away from the kiss, whispering into Dwight’s lips, “You’re wearing too much.”

Dwight groaned softly, running his fingers down Ethan’s back. Ethan loved that. He knew he did. The way he shivered told Dwight he did. He tilted his head, looking into Ethan’s eyes, a smile tugging at his lips, “You might have to do something about that.”

Ethan tugged gently on Dwight’s shirt, slipping it off and tossing it to the side. He grinned, running his fingers along Dwight’s chest, his eyes trailing their path, “No matter how many times I see you, you’re always beautiful.”

Dwight shivered, his stomach filling with butterflies. It was things like that that made him love Ethan. The way he’d go from playful to sincere in an instant. The way he’d say things like that because he wanted to and he meant it. The way he looked into his eyes when he said it, like he had to be sure Dwight believed him.

“You’re beautiful too.” Dwight murmured softly, pulling him closer and brushing their lips together in a gentle kiss.

“My beautiful knight…” Ethan whispered, pulling away and grinning, leaning forward and sucking softly on Dwight’s neck. Dwight whined, tilting his head to the side to give Ethan more room. He ran his fingers into Ethan’s hair, holding him in place. Dwight was finding it hard to stay still as Ethan’s teeth slowly sank into his skin. 

“N-Not fair.” Dwight moaned, rolling his hips forward and earning a groan from the Tweedle.

Ethan kissed the mark left on Dwight’s neck, looking up at him and frowning, “What?”

“You’re still wearing a shirt.” Dwight pulled at Ethan’s shirt, his breath hitching as he caught sight of the delicious sliver of skin above Ethan’s belt. He pulled Ethan’s shirt off, grinning as he dropped the shirt and ran his fingers along Ethan’s sides, “Okay, you can keep going now.”

Ethan laughed, “Why, thank you.” He leant forward once more, presing gentle kisses to Dwight’s chest. Dwight always made a soft noise in the back of his throat when Ethan did that. The feel of Ethan’s soft lips on his skin made him shiver. Suddenly those same lips were on Dwight’s nipple, his tongue slowly brushing along the sensitive skin and Dwight found himself gasping all over again. Ethan knew every part of Dwight’s body. He knew exactly where to touch, kiss, lick, bite. As his teeth grazed over Dwight’s nipple, the knight threw his head back, moaning. It was unfair; how good he was at that.

Eventually, Ethan moved lower, his lips ghosting over his stomach, causing Dwight’s stomach muscles to quiver. Ethan was a tease. The biggest tease Dwight had ever known and pretty soon, he knew he was going to be begging. Ethan had a way of making him do that even when he tells himself he won’t. As Ethan’s hand brushed over Dwight’s jeans, he couldn’t stop his hips bucking forward, desperate for the friction.

Ethan smirked, pressing his palm against him just a little firmer, “God, you’re dying for it, aren’t you?”

Dwight whimpered, “Ethan…”

There was a moment of complete silence, the only sounds in the room were shallow breaths as Ethan slowly unzipped Dwight’s jeans. His hand slowly slid into Dwight’s pants as his eyes trailed up to Dwight’s face, smirking as he watched his reactions. As soon as Ethan’s fingers brushed over his length, stroking him, Dwight gasped, unable to stop his hips from moving with Ethan’s hand. Ethan was far too talented with his hands for his own good. 

Moans spilled from Dwight’s lips, his fingers clawing roughly at Ethan’s back, “E-Ethan…please…”

“I love it when you beg.” Ethan smirked, his thumb tugging at the waistband of Dwight’s pants, “These are going to have to go…”

Suddenly Ethan was dragging off Dwight’s jeans, along with his pants and Dwight would’ve been absolutely fine with this if it didn’t mean that Ethan wasn’t touching him anymore. He craved that attention. Ethan was so good at making him want, and need, and beg for every touch. Ethan was slowly running his fingers up Dwight’s thighs and the knight had to bite down on his lip to stop himself making any sounds. There was something about Ethan. He was so good at touching him in just the right ways.

As Ethan’s lips ghosted along Dwight’s thigh, he groaned softly, watching him, “Ethan, please…”

“Patience, Dwight.” Ethan murmured, running his tongue along the underside of Dwight’s length as slowly as he could.

Dwight whined, clutching at the bed sheets. As Ethan carefully flicked his tongue over the tip, Dwight arched his back, his breath becoming ragged. Ethan’s tongue was torture. It always was. Every touch sent a new jolt of pleasure through Dwight and he was sure the teasing was going to kill him if he didn’t get what he wanted soon.

Again, it was as though Ethan could read his thoughts because suddenly his mouth was engulfing him, sucking on the tip before taking as much of him as he could. Everything was on impulse. They’d both learnt enough about each other by now to know what they liked. The first time they did this, Dwight didn’t know whether he was allowed to run his fingers into Ethan’s hair, but he’d learnt. 

He gripped Ethan’s hair tightly, tugging roughly as he sucked on Dwight’s length. It was all Dwight could do not to scream. When Ethan got like this is wasn’t long before Dwight went incoherent. He couldn’t focus on anything but the wet heat of Ethan’s mouth around him. The consuming pleasure running through Dwight became even more as Ethan started moving, bobbing his head and sucking a little harder. He let his tongue run along Dwight and there was no way for him to stop himself crying out in pleasure.


Dwight did all he could to will his hips to stay still. Ethan slowed, licking teasingly at Dwight. The knight’s mouth opened and closed in silent moans as Ethan suddenly sped up his movements. He knew Ethan was trying to tease him, trying to rile him up but he really didn’t care. All he cared about was the way Ethan’s mouth felt around him, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. 

It wasn’t long before Dwight felt that warmth in his stomach, that familiar warmth coiling up inside him. He‘d felt it before so many times. He‘s felt It as Ethan was grinding against him. He felt it when Ethan touched him, stroking him until breaking point. He‘d felt it when Ethan had pressed him against the wall and thrust into him hard, fast, desperate for every moment of pleasure. “S-So close Ethan…please…”

Ethan ran his hands along Dwight’s thighs, spreading his legs further and taking more of him into his mouth, sucking harder and moving faster. Dwight was on edge. He couldn’t take much more. His fingers were gripping to Ethan’s hair as tightly as they could. He couldn’t hold back anymore. Dwight screamed, pleasure washing over him as he came undone. He could feel Ethan swallowing everything, licking him clean and he couldn’t hold back his groan. His whole body felt like it was melting into the bed, smiling lazily up at Ethan as he crawled back up his body.

Ethan’s smirk should’ve annoyed him. He shouldn’t have liked how smug Ethan was but he didn’t care. He was still trying to get his brain to work when Ethan was kissing him softly. Tasting himself on Ethan’s lips was enough to bring him back down to Earth, groaning softly and deepening the kiss.

“I love you.” Ethan whispered into Dwight’s lips. 

Dwight smiled softly, his stomach filling with butterflies. Ethan said that all the time. Every day, but it still got to him. It still made him blush. It still made him tingle and it still made him what to kiss Ethan senseless. “I love you too.” Dwight couldn’t help it. He had to kiss Ethan again. He brushed his hand along Ethan’s shoulder as he did, sighing happily before murmuring softly, “It’s your turn.”

Dwight could see the lust in Ethan’s eyes. He could see the way those three words affected him. He almost liked this more than when Ethan went down on him. Almost. The way Ethan reacted, the way Dwight could tease him and Ethan couldn’t do anything to stop him, mostly, the sounds Ethan made.

He gently flipped them, running his fingers along Ethan’s arms. It felt so good to have Ethan’s skin beneath his fingertips.  He leant forward, brushing his lips against Ethan’s shoulder, gently kissing before sinking his teeth into Ethan’s skin. Ethan’s soft moan was enough to spur on Dwight’s actions. He loved those noises Ethan made. Slowly, he trailed his fingers down Ethan’s stomach, still sucking gently on his shoulder and undid his belt. He pressed gentle kisses to the mark he had left behind, smirking as he slowly slid down Ethan’s pants.

“Are you trying to torture me on purpose?” Ethan murmured, groaning under his breath.

Dwight smirked, scratching his nails roughly down Ethan’s thighs, “Why? Is it working?”

“Yes.” Ethan groaned, running his hands along Dwight’s back, watching him carefully. Dwight looked up into Ethan’s eyes, still smirking. That was the best thing about Ethan. He watched Dwight carefully in moments like these, which meant Dwight could look into his eyes as he swiped his tongue over the tip of Ethan’s length. Ethan moaned, closing his eyes for just a moment and arching his back. He looked so good when he did that. 

Dwight smirked, catching Ethan’s eye once more, staring into them. They’d gone dark with lust and that shouldn’t have been nearly as hot as Dwight thought it was. He continued to look into Ethan’s eyes as he slowly took him into his mouth, moaning as he dug his fingers into Ethan’s thighs. The room was filled with Ethan’s moans as his hands found their way to Dwight’s hair, guiding his movements. Dwight loved that too. Even though he was causing those sounds, driving Ethan crazy, Ethan needed control, dominance and Dwight loved Ethan’s dominance.

It didn’t take long. Soon he had Ethan begging. Ethan sounded so good when he begged, whining and mewling as he writhed beneath Dwight. He sped up his movements, sucking harder and finally sending Ethan over the edge, screaming Dwight’s name. He licked the Tweedle clean, crawling up his body and curling into his side. That was probably Dwight’s favourite part of all; curling up in Ethan’s arms, eventually falling asleep together.

“You’re so good at that.” Ethan murmured, still trying to get his breathing back to normal.

Dwight chuckled softly, running a hand through Ethan’s blonde locks, “You started it.”

“Mmm but you finished it.” Ethan giggled, wrapping his arms around Dwight and pulling him closer.

Dwight nuzzled Ethan’s neck, looking up at him and smiling softly, “I love you.”

The way Ethan looked at him was enough to melt his heart. He smiled the softest, most sincere smile and pulled Dwight closer, whispering into his lips before brushing them together, “I love you too.”

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