Dwight Houston and Ethan Brightman are in love. Nothing could ever come between them, not until the car accident. Ethan loses all memory of being with Dwight but can love truly conquer all? Can Dwight find a way to trigger Ethan’s memories?

Meanwhile, Ethan is struggling with strange feelings he never thought he’d have. He’s drawn to Dwight and knows thaat there is something important there, something he’d forgetting, something just out of reach. If he could just figure out what it was.

Characters from CP Coulter’s ‘Dalton’

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Collision - Part 2 

Part 1

Mornings were amazing. The sunlight was always a pain at first. The first reaction generally was to pull the blankets over their heads, shuffle closer and bury his face into Ethan’s chest. Ethan was so warm. Not too warm though. He was that perfect, just right warmth that had Dwight practically clinging to him. At first he was embarrassed, but he was getting used to the way Ethan would pull him closer, kissing the top of his head.

So really, the warmth and the closeness was perfect. Dwight couldn’t help but move closer. There was absolutely no space left between them by morning. Their legs were wrapped together in a loose embrace. Those were always the first things to move on Dwight in the morning. He would stretch them unconsiously, rubbing his leg along Ethan’s and sighing happily. 

Next were his arms. He somehow always found himself clutching to Ethan a little tighter. He had one arm wrapped around Ethan’s neck, the other wrapped loosely around his waist, their fingers laced together even in sleep. Dwight wasn’t sure how that happened. They never went to sleep holding hands, but they always woke up like that. Dwight had asked Ethan if he woke up and did it but Ethan just laughed at him, kissing his cheek. So that one remained the mystery.

With Ethan, his morning routine had changed somewhat. Instead of jumping out of bed, more than ready to start his day, he had absolutely no reason to. Everything he wanted was already right there with him, in his arms. Why would he ever want to go anywhere? Ethan was warm and safe and he smelt like mint, which, as a hunter, he knew was very good for keeping evil spirits away. He was completely protected with Ethan. So instead of getting up, he rubbed his leg against Ethan’s, held him a little tighter and then went back to sleep.

When he finally did start to stir again, He’d feel a hand gently brushing through his hair. He would always check to see if Ethan was still holding his hand and he always would be. Ethan would keep the blankets over their heads, knowing how much Dwight hated the sunlight in his eyes first thing in the morning. The hand running through his hair would soothe him. He’s sigh happily, even press his head into Ethan’s hand, urging him to keep going. 

Then Dwight would recognise that familiar scent. He’d shift closer, burying his face in Ethan’s neck and take a deep breath, feeling almost giddy as Ethan seemed to surround him in all the right ways. Ethan would giggle when he did that. Every single time. Dwight guessed that he must tickle him, or something like that every time he did it. 

Eventually he knew he’d have to look up though. He’d have to open his eyes and as much as he really, really didn’t want to, he knew the sight that would greet him would be well and truly worth it. Finally, Dwight’s eyes fluttered open. He yawned into Ethan’s neck before looking up at him in the darkness from underneath the blankets. Ethan would smile that soft, beautiful, perfect smile and Dwight would want to curl into him even more.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Ethan whispered, chuckling softly, “You sleep so much.”

“Your fault. You’re too comfortable.” Dwight murmured, his voice still deep with sleep.

“I’m sorry, do you want me to leave?”

“No!” Dwight hugged Ethan as tightly as he could, “Mmm my teddy bear…”

Ethan giggled, kissing Dwight’s cheek, “All yours.”

Dwight grinned, loosening his hold just a little bit. Moments like these were perfect. He wanted them to last forever. It was just he and Ethan in their own little world they’d created together. He looked up into Ethan’s eyes, getting lost. They were this beautiful ice blue colour but if Dwight looked closely, tilting his head just so, he’d be able to see the tiny flecks of green in them. They were beautiful. They were hypnotising.

“You’re doing it again.” Ethan bit his lip, stifling his grin.

Dwight blushed, “S-Sorry. They’re so beautiful…”

Ethan brushed their noses together, whisperin, “So are yours.” 

A moment of silence passed between them. One of those moments where there was absolutely no need for words. They were so far passed that now. They could just lay together, looking into each other’s eyes and that would be enough. Of course, soon it wasn’t. Ethan had that look in his eyes that compelled Dwight to remove all distance between them, kissing Ethan delicately and rubbing his thumb gently against his cheek.

When Dwight pulled away, the first thing he did was wrap his arms around Ethan’s neck, hugging him close and resting his head on his shoulder, “I’m keeping you.”

“Fine by me.” Ethan chucked, trailing his fingers up and down Dwight’s back.

“Promise to be mine forever?” 

“I promise.” Ethan whispered into Dwight’s ear, kissing his cheek.

Dwight sighed happily, “What are we doing today?”

“Well…” Ethan ran his fingers back up into Dwight’s hair, “It’s a Saturday, so I was thinking we could go get breakfast together.”

Dwight looked up at Ethan, “I woke up in time for breakfast?”

Ethan laughed, “Yes. You did. If you get up and get dressed right now.”

Dwight whined, clinging to Ethan, “But I don’t want to move…”

Ethan pressed a long, soft kiss to Dwight’s lips and the hunter immediately melted into him. It felt so nice to have their lips pressed together. He loosened his grip on Ethan just a little bit, losing himself in the moment. That’s the way things always seemed to be with Ethan. You always lose yourself in the moment. There’s no thought for consequence. It’s just the moment. It’s them and it’s chaos and madness and sheer thrills. Nothing with Ethan was ever simple, but then, who’d want it to be?

When Ethan finally pulled away for air, Dwight’s eyes stayed closed, his lips parted as he tried his hardest to keep that moment, just for a little bit longer, “Get dressed, and I will pay. Come on.”

Dwight reluctantly opened his eyes, nipping softly on Ethan’s lip, “You’re not paying.”

“I’m paying.”

“You are not paying.” Dwight ghosted his hand over Ethan’s side, causing the Tweedle’s breath to hitch and he raised an eyebrow, smirking.

“Alright, I’m not paying, just don’t tickle me.”

Dwight chuckled, hugging Ethan for a moment more before crawling out of bed. He knew Ethan was watching him. He always did. Not that he minded at all. He was flattered. Ethan’s gaze on his bare body used to embarrass him. He used to get nervous and think the worse, but now he knew Ethan liked how he looked, always would and he didn’t mind anymore. In fact, he played it up sometimes. Ethan wasn’t the only one who could be a tease.

Dwight could feel Ethan’s gaze on him. He looked back at the Tweedle, smirking with an eyebrow raised, “Enjoying the view?”

"Mmm don’t I always?" Ethan chuckled softly, biting his lip.

Dwight rolled his eyes, walking over to the drawer of clothes. Ethan didn’t stay in his room technically. Technically Ethan stayed down the hall with his twin brother Evan. So it always made Dwight smile when he opened the drawer and saw Ethan’s clothes mixed in with his. It was like even when Ethan wasn’t there, he was. Dwight had long since decided that his room was Ethan’s too. Ethan was allowed in there anytime. Day or night.

Dwight picked out one of Ethan’s hoodies. His favourite. It was a dark blue colour that went with Ethan’s icy blue eyes, “Can…can I…?”

"Yes Dwight." Ethan chuckled, "You can always wear my hoodies, you know that."

Dwight smiled brightly, running his hand over the fabric, “This one’s my favourite.” He murmured softly.

Ethan quickly made his way over to Dwight, wrapping his arms around his waist from behind him and resting his head on Dwight’s shoulder, “You’re so cute when you say stuff like that.”

Dwight leaned back into Ethan’s warmth, sighing happily, “I’d call you a hypocrite for telling me to get dressed when you’re not but this is much nicer.”

Ethan laughed softly, murmuring into Dwight’s ear, “I though you preferred me naked.”

"I thought you preferred me naked too." Dwight retorted, "Besides, I’m the only one who gets to see you like this. No one else."

"Mmm possessive. I like it."

"Yeah, you do." Dwight turned his head, kissing Ethan’s cheek. "Get dressed."

Dwight watched Ethan move around the room, grabbing simple red shirt, pants and jeans. The hunter grabbed his own pants and jeans, quickly shrugging them on.

"Mmm just go out like that." Ethan grinned.

Dwight laughed, grabbing Ethan’s arm and pulling him close, wrapping his arms around his waist, “You’re insatiable.”

“You love it.” Ethan smirked, kissing Dwight softly, “Come on. We’re going to be late.”

“…For breakfast?”

“You can be late for breakfast.” Ethan replied knowingly. He slipped on his clothes, smiling fondly as he watched Dwight pull on his blue hoodie. 

Dwight pressed his nose to the fabric, taking a deep breath and sighing happily. It had that perfect smell. That smell Dwight had come to fall in love with. His favourite smell. It was like a mix of different smells. The most prominent one was mint. That made him feel so safe. He felt protected whenever he smelt that. Then there was this sort of musky smell. That made it even better somehow. Then there was this one last smell. It was indifinable. There was no smell like it. It was just pure Ethan. He loved wearing Ethan’s hoodies for that, but also because they were the perfectly right amount of warm. It made it feel like Ethan aways had his arms around him. It made Ethan’s hoodies perfect.

Ethan grabbed Dwight’s leather jacket, smiling softly, “You get my hoodie, I get your jacket?”

Dwight rolled his eyes, walking over to Ethan and putting the jacket on him, kissing his nose, “It brings out your eyes.” 

Ethan hummed happily, lacing their fingers together and pulling Dwight close as he opened the door, “You pay, I drive?”

Dwight quickly grabbed his holy water bottle, clipping it to his belt and smiling softly, “Sounds fair.”


Dwight rested his head against the window as Ethan drove, watching silently as the world passed by around them. He always wondered what the people in the other car’s stories were. He wondered why someone would look so sad. Maybe they’d lost someone too. Then he’d see someone happy. Someone laughing. Someone dancing to the music on their car radios and he couldn’t help but smile, because no matter the cruelty the world dealt out, there was a reason to smile.

He moved his hand onto Ethan’s knee, rubbing soft circles into his jeans and continued to smile. He liked being close to Ethan. He liked being able to touch him, to reassure himself that Ethan was there and he wasn’t going anywhere. Without even thinking about it, he ran his hand further up Ethan’s leg, increasing his grip just a little bit.

Ethan coughed, “You want me to crash the car?”

Dwight quickly took his hand back, blushing, “S-Sorry.”

Ethan’s hand brushed over Dwight’s and Dwight turned to look at him, his brows furrowed in confusion. Ethan’s thumb brushed gently over Dwight’s hand until he finally turned it over, pressing their palms together. Ethan let their fingers thread together, his eyes staying on the road as he continued to rub Dwight’s hand with his thumb.

“I didn’t say to take your hand away.” He spoke softly.

Dwight just kept looking at their hands, a smile tugging at his lips. It was the simplest of gestures, but another thing that made him love Ethan. Whenever he felt like he’d done something wrong, Ethan would pick up on it and he’d make Dwight feel like he was the most amazing person in the world. He made Dwight feel like he could do anything, just as long as they were together. Gently, he squeezed Ethan’s hand, silently thanking him. Again. 

Ethan did things like this every day. He knew how insecure Dwight was. He knew about Alan, and how Dwight blamed himself. He knew that as long as they were together, if Dwight was to make a mistake, no matter how small, it would nag at him. So he did everything he could to stop the nagging feeling. He did everything to make sure Dwight knew that his mistakes were tiny and unimportant and that Ethan never held them against him, just like Dwight never held any of the little mistakes Ethan made against him either. Because they were a team and there was so much good, the bad was meaningless.

The rest of the car trip was made in silence. Every now and then Ethan would gently squeeze Dwight’s hand. In return, Dwight would bring Ethan’s to his lips and press a delicate kiss to his knuckles. That’s all they needed; each other. 

When they got there, Dwight was reluctant to let go. He liked Ethan’s hand in his. It fit s perfectly. When he did let go, he kept his eyes on Ethan’s hand, watching he way he moved his fingers. Ethan chuckled softly, “The sooner you get out of that car, the sooner you can hold my hand again.”

Dwight took the less than subtle hint, quickly getting out of the car. He yawned softly, stretching before reaching out for Ethan’s hand. The Tweedle smirked, holding Dwight’s hand and tugging him close, ruffling Dwight’s black hair. He whined, running his free hand through his hair, trying to fix it, “What was that for?”

“No. Don’t fix it. It looks good like that.” Ethan giggled, kissing Dwight’s cheek, “Why are you so tired? Did you sleep okay?”

Dwight raised his eyebrows, “I slept perfectly. You just wore me out before I got to the sleeping part.”

Ethan grinned, raising his eyebrows suggestively, “We should do it again some time.”

“Such a sweet talker.” Dwight rolled his eyes.

It was at that moment that Ethan decided to do something sudden, something that Dwight wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to startle him. Ethan pressed Dwight to the side of the car, pinning him there. Ethan was always one for doing something Dwight won’t expect, and as Ethan’s eyes trailed over Dwight’s body, he took a long, shaky breath.

Ethan leant forward, whispering into Dwight’s ear, “You’re the sort to be wined and dined…dinner, you and me?” He nipped gently on Dwight’s lip, causing his breath to hitch, “What do you say?”

“Y-Yeah…okay.” Dwight nodded quickly, leaning forward and pressing their lips together on impulse. When Ethan got almost demanding like that, it was a huge turn on. Dwight couldn’t help it, he needed to kiss him. Soon Ethan’s hand was brushing into Dwight’s hair and Dwight was enjoying that far too much, sighing softly. When he absolutely had to, Dwight pulled away, resting their heads together, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Ethan grinned, “Now come on, you’re meant to be buying me breakfast.”

Dwight grabbed Ethan’s arm, linking it with his and leant into him, sighing happily. Ethan was taller than him. Not by much, but still. It kind of added to that feeling of safety. Dwight liked to think it also added to Ethan’s warmth, as much as he knew it did nothing.

The café they went to was only small. It was a familiar place. They went there together all the time and it felt homey. It was like their own little place. They had so many of their own little places. This one seemed special though. They shared so many mornings together in the booth at the back of the room. Their booth. Ethan had even gone so far as to carve ‘D.H+E.B’ into the bottom of the wall by that booth. He said it was their claim. That they’d come back there with their kids in twenty years and they’d see that, and remember all the times they’d shared.

Dwight was holding Ethan’s hand again by the time they got inside, stepping up to the counter and twirling Ethan in a circle, earning a giggle. He smiled brightly at the cashier, “Hey. I’ll have a medium latte with pancakes and he will have one medium caramel frappe with extra coffee and a bacon and egg bagel.”

Ethan stared at Dwight for a moment, “How do you know my order?”

Dwight chuckled, “Because you get the same thing every time we come here.” He kissed Ethan’s cheek, smirking, “I can’t help it if you’re predictable.”

“I’m going to have to try harder to trick you, huh?”

Dwight grinned, “I wish you all the luck in the world.” 

“Why thank you.”

Dwight paid for their order, grabbing Ethan and dragging him towards their booth. He watched Ethan carefully as he sat down. He couldn’t help it. He liked to watch Ethan’s simple movements. He liked to see the way the Tweedle carried himself. Ethan just grinned up at him, waiting for him to sit too.

Dwight reached out for Ethan’s hand again as he sat down. Ethan’s hand was already there, his finger tapping gently on the table as Dwight reached out across it, brushing his finger gently along Ethan’s. The blonde smiled softly, catching Dwight’s finger with one of his own. Dwight pouted, causing Ethan to laugh before running his fingers against Dwight’s knuckles, looking into his eyes. Every time Ethan did that, Dwight swore he fell in love all over again.

“What are you thinking about?” Ethan almost whispered.

“You.” Dwight replied simply, causing Ethan to blush.

“What about me?”

“You’re beautiful.” Dwight smiled softly, tapping one of Ethan’s fingers with his own, “And I’m having trouble fathoming that you‘re real.”

“I am.” Ethan grinned.

Dwight reluctantly pulled his hand away as their food arrived, biting his lip as he smiled at Ethan. Sometimes he’d feed Ethan some of his pancakes. Sometimes Ethan would just steal a piece. Sometimes he’d end up ignoring them completely, instead reveling in Ethan and the excited look on his face as he spoke about adventures he’d had with Evan, or even just adventures he’d planned out in his mind. When Ethan thought about things like that, he looked so alive. So happy. Dwight was always drawn in.

This time Ethan watched him for a moment, waiting. Dwight felt a little self concious, fidgetting in his seat, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I want you to talk this time.”


Ethan rested his head on his hand, smiling fondly at Dwight’s nervousness, “Every time we come here, you listen to me talk and it’s about time you did. I want to hear about you. I want to hear about your childhood. What was Alan like?”

Dwight froze in his place. He never really spoke about Alan at all. It was a subject that remained closed as much as Dwight could manage it. He shuffled in his seat again, staring down at his pancakes, “I-I…what do you want to know?”

“You don’t have to. I’m sorry. I’m asking too much of you.”

“No. No, I just…I don’t know where to start.”

“I don’t mind what you tell me. Just something. I want to know about what you were like as a kid.” Ethan grinned excitedly, taking a bite of his bagel.

Dwight smiled softly, “Alan…he always looked up to me. I used to teach him about hunting. I set up his own bottle of holy water for him, clipped it to his belt. He was so little and the bottle was so big, it just weighed him down.” Dwight cut a piece of his pancakes, taking a bite, “H-He…he would always try to protect me, no matter how many times I told him that was my job. We’d always get into so much trouble, because we’d go off on these little adventures together and end up breaking something of mom’s. He’d hide in my room with me for hours, and I’d read to him from one of my books.”

Dwight looked up, biting his lip as he realised he was rambling. He didn’t mean to. There was just so much to say about Alan. When he looked up, he saw Ethan staring right back at him, his bagel held up slightly with a big, goofy grin on his face. Dwight really wasn’t sure what he was supposed to think about that grin. He blushed, cutting up his pancakes and taking another bite, “S-Sorry. Rambling.”

“Don’t stop.” Ethan urged, shuffling forward in his seat, “Please. It’s so cute.”

“R-Really?” Dwight tilted his head, raising an eyebrow curiously.

“Really.” Ethan smiled softly, “You were an amazing brother…and you’re going to be an even more amazing Dad.”

Dwight’s stomach filled with butterflies and he couldn’t stop himself smiling, “I…thank you. You will too. I know you will.”

“Please tell me more?” Ethan pouted. 

Dwight smirked, nodding slowly. He told Ethan as much as he could in the time it took them to eat. He told him about the times Alan had driven him crazy, and the times he’d been scared he’d lost Alan. He even told him about when Alan saved him. Ethan knew more about Dwight and his brother than anyone else in the world. It felt like he had opened a door, showing Ethan a huge and defining part of his life, and as usual, Ethan showed him that he could do that without any fear, because this was Ethan and Ethan would listen forever. That’s what love did to him, and Dwight was so grateful.

He watched Ethan for a moment as they sat there in silence, smiling fondly, “What else are we doing today?”

Ethan grinned, looking down at the table, “I was thinking it was about time you and I had a date with some nerf guns.”

“Really?” Dwight bit his lip nervously.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. On the contrary, he loved having fun with Ethan in the Tweedle’s own special way. It brought out the best in Ethan when they did that. It was just that when Ethan was wielding a nerf gun, he was a little bit terrifying. Dwight was well and truly no match. The only time he could ever stand a chance against Ethan was if he was hunting, and he’d never have the heart to actually hunt Ethan. He was sure Ethan was going easy on him every time. He didn’t know why. It could’ve been because Ethan was trying to spare his feelings. Truth was, Dwight didn’t care. It made Ethan smile the most perfect smile in the world. He couldn’t deny him that. 

“Yes, really. Please Dwight?” Ethan pouted, giving Dwight the best puppydog eyes he could muster. 

Dwight groaned, rolling his eyes. He definitely couldn’t deny that. Ethan knew he couldn’t. That just wasn’t fair, “Okay, okay. Fine, but if you run at me with that battlecry like you did last time, I swear I’m locking myself in a room and hiding from you until I’m sure you’re not possessed.” 

Ethan giggled, brushing his hand over Dwight’s on the table, “No promises.”

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