Dwight Houston and Ethan Brightman are in love. Nothing could ever come between them, not until the car accident. Ethan loses all memory of being with Dwight but can love truly conquer all? Can Dwight find a way to trigger Ethan’s memories?

Meanwhile, Ethan is struggling with strange feelings he never thought he’d have. He’s drawn to Dwight and knows thaat there is something important there, something he’d forgetting, something just out of reach. If he could just figure out what it was.

Characters from CP Coulter’s ‘Dalton’

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Collision - Part 3 

Part 1 | Part 2

Dwight had his head pressed against the window again, sighing softly. Mornings like these with Ethan were always so perfect. It was just them and there was nothing else. Nothing else ever mattered but this. These moments. Being together. This was it for Dwight. This was all it would ever be; just the two of them.

Dwight reached out for Ethan’s hand again, smiling softly when Ethan met him half way, brushing their fingers together. They’d been together so long now. Just over six months but it felt like a life time. It felt like they were always going to be together. Dwight knew they would. He couldn’t ever give up on the Tweedle. This was it for him. 

The brush of his fingertips was all Dwight wanted. The touch. The look in Ethan’s eyes that screamed ‘I love you’ every single time. The infectious laugh spilling from the blonde’s lips. The way he always, always insisted that Dwight do something he would never even think to do before that moment. What more could he ask for when he had everything right there, shared in just the simplest of touches.

Ethan brushed his fingers gently over Dwight’s palm, barely touching and caused him to giggle, “Tickles.”

Ethan laughed, doing it again, and biting his lip to stifle his grin. Dwight chucked, grabbing Ethan’s finger to stop him. He carefully laced their fingers together, pulling Ethan’s hand closer and pressing a gently kiss to it, sighing happily, “You know I love you, right?”

“I had a sneaking suspicion, yeah.” Ethan laughed, taking his hand away and resting it on Dwight’s leg. 

Dwight immediately placed his hand over Ethan’s smiling fondly, “I mean it.”

“I know Dwight, I love you too.”

“Always?” Dwight murmured, just wanting to hear Ethan speak.


Dwight smiled softly, resting his head against the window once more. It was cloudy. He was sure it was going to rain at any moment. That meant their nerf fight would have to be indoors. Shame really. He’d had some good experience with outdoor nerf fights. More places to hide. It was coming towards lunch time already. They were a street over from the school. Not more than ten minutes away, really. Dwight wished they’d left sooner. Or later. Whatever could’ve stopped what happened next.

Ethan looked over at Dwight, his smile still present as ever, “What’s with you?”

Dwight looked up from his spot. He was going to tell him nothing. He was going to say that he was still tired and that he just liked the sound of Ethan’s voice because it soothed him. He was going to tell him that he loved to hear Ethan say that he loved him, loved the sound of the sincerity in his voice. There were so many things he was going to say. He didn’t say any of them. He didn’t have enough time to get all that out.

When Dwight turned, he was prepared to see Ethan’s eyes looking at him, just for a moment before looking back at the road. What he did see was far worse. He saw a car coming right at them. He was sure they had right of way. Ethan was the best driver he knew, but there it was, moving closer and closer towards them and when he finally could get himself to speak, all he could do was cry out Ethan’s name. He had no time for anything else because it was already hitting them.

It was like everything slowed down in the moment. The car was pushed harshly across the road. Dwight’s arm his the door roughly, his head hitting the window and pain shot through him but he didn’t care. He wasn’t focusing on that. His mind was racing. All he could think about was Ethan. Ethan was there and he was on the side the car hit. He couldn’t tell if Ethan was okay or not. 

The air was filled with the sound of metal crushing against metal. It made Dwight’s stomach churn as he thought of it, pictured the way the car had collided with theirs, the sickening thought of the metal bending and crushing together. When their car finally stopped moving across the road, Dwight gave himself a moment, rubbing his head to try to make the pain go away. It was already aching. There was pain shooting through his arm. He wasn’t sure how hard he’d hit it. Groaning softly, looking over at Ethan. He wasn’t sure if his heart stopped or sped up. Ethan wasn’t moving. His eyes were closed and he was slumped against the wheel of the car.

“Ethan?” Dwight carefully brushed his hand over Ethan’s shoulder, “Ethan, baby, wake up.” 

Dwight whimpered as Ethan stayed still, taking off his seat belt and turning in his chair to face Ethan properly. He ran a hand gently through Ethan’s hair, “Ethan, wake up!”

Ethan still didn’t move, worse still, as Dwight pulled his hand away, he felt something wet on it. He didn’t want to look. He didn’t want to see it. He knew what it was but he wanted to pretend that Ethan was just sleeping, that nothing was wrong. Why did anything have to go wrong?

He looked at his hand, choking on a sob as he saw the scarlet blood. He took a long, shuddering breath, moving Ethan’s hair from his eyes, and brushing his dry hand along his cheek, “Ethan, please…”

Ethan still wouldn’t move and Dwight became desperate. He rushed to grab his phone from his pocket, calling the ambulance. His fingers were shaking as he held the phone to his ear, talking as calmly as he could manage. They kept telling him to get out of the car and that he couldn’t move Ethan. Dwight stared at Ethan unconcious beside him. He knew Ethan was alive. He had a pulse, but that just made it even more clear to him that he couldn’t just leave him there. They were so insistent though. They kept telling him he had to get out of the car so Dwight grabbed Ethan’s hand. 

He squeezed it gently and pressed a kiss to his knuckles, whispering softly, “I’m not going to leave you. I promise.”

Dwight stumbled out of the car. He limped, his leg aching as he made his way to the other side of the car. Their car had moved away from the one that hit them with the force. Tears fell down Dwight’s cheeks as he took in the damage the other car had done. The metal of the driver’s door had twisted in. Dwight felt sick just looking at it, trying to figure out how much of that was digging into Ethan’s side. 

He leant against the side of the car, looking into the back window at Ethan as pain rushed through his leg. “Just hold on. We’re going to get you out Ethan, I promise. Just hold on a little longer.”


Dwight was tired. He was starting to fall asleep when the ambulance got there. He didn’t want to sleep though. He had to stay awake and make sure Ethan was okay. He promised Ethan he wouldn’t leave and there was no way he was backing out on that. Even as they wrapped him in a blanket, saying Dwight was in shock. He wasn’t though. He was seeing it all clearly, clearer than they could. If they didn’t get Ethan out now, he was going to die. He couldn’t just let them take their time. He couldn’t just let them carefully check him over while he slowly died in the front seat, just to make sure it was safe to move him. Dwight had already done all that. He needed help now.

Dwight was screaming. He couldn’t help it, they couldn’t see how dire the situation was. He screamed Ethan’s name and he screamed for them to get him out. He screamed until his voice went hoarse, his whole body shaking. This was all so wrong. Ethan was supposed to be okay. They were supposed to be back at Dalton. They were supposed to have nerf guns and he was supposed to be hiding from Ethan. 

Why couldn’t it be like that? Ethan would catch him every time and he’d pounce on him, every time without fail. He’d pounce and Dwight could never quite catch him in time, falling to the ground. Not that he ever minded. Ethan would giggle, and kiss him and whisper ‘I win’ in his ear. Dwight always thought he was the winner though. Every time.

So when he looked around him, seeing the debris from the smashed up cars, he shivered, pulling the blanket tighter around him as he watched them finally, finally get Ethan out of the car on a stretcher. Dwight turned to the paramedic standing beside him, making sure he was okay, “I’m going in the ambulance with him. I-I’m not leaving him.”

He rested his hand on Dwight’s shoulder, smiling as reassuringly as he could. Dwight looked away, staring at the floor. He didn’t want to see that smile. He could only imagine how many times he’d given that same smile to other people, to people who didn’t make it, to families who would have to go on without fathers or mothers, brothers or sisters.

He watched as the brought Ethan over to them, moving out of the way as they wheeled him into the ambulance and quickly followed. As he got in, sitting down on the bench next to Ethan, he immediately grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers together.

“Are you family?” Another paramedic asked curiously and Dwight looked up at them, startled.

He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say. He couldn’t just lie, but what if he told the truth and got kicked out? They’d know if he was lying though. He hard black hair, pale skin and brown eyes, and Ethan had blonde hair, blue eyes and a tan. He looked down at Ethan’s face, gently squeezing his hand and took a deep breath, “You could say that.”

The paramedic looked at him for a moment before sitting beside him, “Good enough.”

Dwight let out the breath he didn’t realise he’d been holding in, holding Ethan’s hand to his lips and closing his eyes. He couldn’t lose him. Not now. Not when they had so much planned, so much they were going to do together. They were going to get married one day. They were going to get a house together, and have kids. They had so much ahead of them, it couldn’t just stop here. Not like this. Ethan had so much life left in him.

“You’ve got to fight, okay? You’ve got to fight for me so that we can do all those things we said we’d do.” Dwight whispered into Ethan’s hand, holding a little tighter, desperate for the human touch, trying to tell himself that Ethan was there, he was still alive and he wasn’t letting go, “Nerf fights, hmm? I’ll let you knock me over, I won’t even try to catch you if you don’t want me to. You promised me a date.You promised me dinner so don’t you dare leave me now.”

There were tears falling down Dwight’s cheeks as he looked at Ethan’s face, his eyes closed, blood in his otherwise perfect blonde hair. He shuffled up towards Ethan’s side, brushing a hand gently through his hair and humming softly. It was a song Ethan hummed to him when he woke from nightmares, or cried over memories of Alan. Ethan never sang lyrics, just the same melody. It was beautiful. Dwight knew he couldn’t do it justice, but he wanted to try something.

“I-Is he going to be okay?” Dwight whispered softly, looking up at the paramedic as he wiped at his eyes, “Please. He has to be okay.”

“We don’t know yet.” They smiled sadly, “Head wounds are always a worry, so that’s what we’re going to focus on. There’s a large gash on his leg. Just keep thinking positively.”

Dwight sighed softly, leaning forward and resting his head on Ethan’s chest, looking up at him, “You’re all I have left.”

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