Dwight Houston and Ethan Brightman are in love. Nothing could ever come between them, not until the car accident. Ethan loses all memory of being with Dwight but can love truly conquer all? Can Dwight find a way to trigger Ethan’s memories?

Meanwhile, Ethan is struggling with strange feelings he never thought he’d have. He’s drawn to Dwight and knows thaat there is something important there, something he’d forgetting, something just out of reach. If he could just figure out what it was.

Characters from CP Coulter’s ‘Dalton’

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Collision - Part 14 

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When they had finished their food, they had just sat there for a while, content to just be with each other. It was simple. It was what they needed. Dwight needed the closeness. He needed it to reassure him that Ethan was there, and he wasn’t about to disappear again. He was going to stay and try to figure it out with him. Ethan needed the quiet to help him gather his thoughts. He had Dwight there to help him through it but this was really what he needed more than anything else to help him start the healing process. He needed this to help him figure out where he was supposed to go from there.

"We should get going." Dwight murmured, smiling sadly. He wanted to stay a little longer, but he had other plans for the night that he needed to continue onto. They were important. They would help Ethan remember, he was sure of it.

"We can’t stay just a little longer. I-I’m having a lot more fun than I thought I would." Ethan looked over at Dwight with sad eyes. Dwight felt bad, looking into those eyes. He didn’t want Ethan to look so upset.

"I have more plans though Ethan. We should go now before it gets too late."

"We’re not going home?"

"Well, we are. There’s somewhere I want to take you at Dalton. I hope you don’t mind." Dwight smiled bashfully, "But we should really get going now."

"Oh. Okay." Ethan rubbed his thumb against the back of Ethan’s hand, "Let’s go then."


Dwight felt uneasy getting back into the car. It was the way home that got them last time, and this time was only made worse by the darkness. He hadn’t even started the car yet, but he was already gripping the steering wheel tightly, taking a long, deep breath.

"Hey…" Ethan rested his hand on Dwight’s arm, tilting his head to the side, "We’re going to be okay. Just take the long way again, right?"

Dwight nodded quickly, “R-Right. Sorry. I just lost you once, and I’m starting to get you back. I don’t want to lose you again.”

Ethan squeezed Dwight’s arm reassuringly, smiling softly, “It’s different this time. It won’t happen the same way. We’ll be fine.”

"I know." Dwight took one hand away from the wheel, rubbing his hand gently. "Thank you."

Hesitantly, he started up the car, pulling out of the car park.

Ethan had reluctantly let go of Dwight’s arm, moving his hand to Dwight’s knee, squeezing gently. Dwight sighed happily, taking comfort in the small gesture. Just the touch of Ethan’s hand was enough to make him relax, because he was there. He was safe and he was with him and Dwight knew everything would be okay as long as they had each other. It was perfect. He was perfect. Dwight couldn’t wait to take Ethan where he had planned to take him, to hopefully fill in some more of the missing memories.

He wondered how long it would take, how hard it would hit him. He didn’t want it to hit Ethan too hard. The way he reacted to the simple memory in the car park had Dwight worried. If Ethan reacted badly, he mightn’t want to remember any more. Dwight needed him to remember. He decided he’d do absolutely everything in his power to help Ethan through it. 

"What are you thinking about?" Ethan asked curiously, "You’re being so quiet and you look so serious."

"You. I’m thinking about you. I’m going to do everything I can to help you through this, you know that, right?"

"I know Dwight." Ethan smiled brightly. He rubbed his thumb along Dwight’s knee, causing him to shiver, "I know that you’ve just been trying to help me all this time, and I know I was horrible to you. I was just scared. I trust you. I do. I know you’re going to help me." 

"You weren’t horrible to me, Ethan. The situation was. Is. It is to both of us." 

Dwight wanted to glance over at Ethan, to see his reassuring smile, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that. He had to be careful driving. He still wasn’t ready to relax behind the wheel of a car, especially not with Ethan sat next to him.


Ethan had his hand rested on Dwight’s knee for the entire journey back to Dalton. Dwight supposed that would’ve been a distraction usually, but for him in those moments, he really just saw it as a comfort. Ethan was looking after him and he was so grateful. Even when he was supposed to be the one protecting Ethan, he found a way of surprising him and coming through for him. Dwight supposed that was what Tweedles did; surprised people. 

As he parked the car in the Dalton car park, he looked over at Ethan, the faintest of smiles tugging at his lips. Ethan always looked so beautiful in the moonlight. It would catch his ice blue eyes and somehow make them look even more beautiful than usual. 

When Dwight finally got himself to stop staring into those perfect eyes, he spoke quietly, “Are you ready?”

"As ready as I’ll ever be." Ethan smiled brightly. 

Ethan was nervous. He knew this was going to be something to help him remember and that was just a little bit worrying. He figured he’d seen everything in Dalton though, so there couldn’t possibly be anything new for Dwight to show him.

"I promise I won’t push anything on you, okay? I’ll take this slow and I’ll give you time to figure out whatever memories hopefully come to you."

"Thank you. For being so understanding." Ethan smiled gratefully. 

He couldn’t help but laugh when Dwight got out of the car and rushed around to his side once more, opening the door for him and holding out a hand. Taking off his seat belt, Ethan took his hand, stepping out of the car and pulling Dwight close, “You know that isn’t necessary, right?”

"It is though." Dwight leant close, their noses barely touching, "I want to make you feel special. That’s what I do. I make you feel special." 

Ethan blushed, looking away and shuffling awkwardly on his feet, “W-We should get going, right? You said it was getting late.”

"Right." Dwight chuckled softly, holding out his arm and grinning as Ethan’s linked with his, "Hopefully this will go as well as I’d planned."


Ethan had absolutely no idea where Dwight was taking him. They were walking across the school campus together. It was nice to walk through the gardens at night. He couldn’t help it, moving on instinct and resting his head against Dwight’s shoulder. He sighed happily, not wanting to break the silence. He did want to ask. He wanted to know where it was that Dwight was taking him, but he would do anything to keep that beautiful, simple, perfect silence going.

Dwight looked over at him, smiling fondly, “We’re not too far now. We can’t be long though. Curfew is soon.”

Ethan hadn’t even taken curfew into account. He was so focused on them and the perfection of everything around them, everything that was happening. Dwight had him completely transfixed and he wouldn’t ever change that.

"Is this place special?" Ethan supposed that was a really stupid question. Of course it was special, Dwight was taking him there, showing him everything he could to help him remember. He wasn’t sure what it was about wherever Dwight was taking him that made him think that it would be enough for Ethan to remember, but he supposed that if Dwight thought it was truly that special, it must’ve been important.

"One of the most special places I know." Dwight smiled softly.

"A-And I know it too?" Ethan asked cautiously.

"Yes. You definitely do. I took you here a long time ago, and you took me here after that. It’s sort of become our place." 

Ethan nodded, smiling as he took in Dwight’s words. That meant it had to be special, right? If it was a place they shared, he was sure there must’ve been some very important memories wherever it was Dwight was taking him. Ethan’s patience was wearing thin though. He wanted to know. He wanted to remember. He was so anxious to get there and to see things the way Dwight did, the way he once did.

When Dwight suddenly stopped walking, Ethan wasn’t sure if his heart stopped with them, or sped up. They were there, right? That surely meant they were there, but Ethan looked around and it was all as everything else was. Just more trees as far as the eye could see. He couldn’t quite figure out why this of all spots was so important.

"A-Are we here?" He asked Dwight, his nerves showing through his voice. He wasn’t sure why they were there, really. He knew what Dwight was wanting to achieve from this, but it just looked like most of Dalton. He couldn’t see why it was so special.

Dwight turned to face Ethan, holding both of his hands and suddenly Ethan realised just how important this was to him. He took a shaky breath, looking into Dwight’s eyes.

"Right here, this spot, was where he had our third date." Dwight smiled fondly at the memory.

Ethan frowned. Why would they have a date there? And why was a third date so significant? A first date, sure. An anniversary, understandable, but just the third date? “We had a date here? Why here?”

"You said you loved looking up at the stars." Dwight grinned, chuckling softly, "It was cute, really. I couldn’t say no to that.”

Ethan smiled softly, “I guess that makes sense too. I’ve always thought the stars are beautiful.” He looked up at the stars for a moment, looking back at Dwight and biting his lip, “Kind of like your eyes…”

Dwight blushed, looking away, “I-I…so…I took you here. This is where we had our third date and I attempted to cook.”

Ethan laughed out loud, “Oh my God, you tried to cook!?” He giggled softly, relieved that Dwight hadn’t taken offence and was simply grinning at Ethan’s reaction, “Did you burn the kitchen down?”

"No, but I had to make at least two of everything."

Ethan snickered, “You did that for me?”

"Of course."

Ethan smiled fondly, leaning close and pressing a kiss to Dwight’s forehead. He sighed happily. He remembered bits, but not emotions, not yet anyway. Dwight had been so good to him. He was so lucky. If this was all true, he couldn’t quite be sure that he deserved any of it. Dwight was giving him so much. “You’re so good to me, Dwight.”

"Y-Yeah, well, this date was really important. The third date was the date I gave you the ring that you’re wearing. Our third date was the date you promised your heart to me."

Ethan gasped, pressing their heads together. He tried to remember. It was so important. So crucial. Looking down at the ring on his finger, “I-I didn’t know why but I didn’t want to take the ring off.”

"I was glad you didn’t. I think I would’ve lost all hope if you had." Dwight pulled Ethan’s hand to his lips, kissing the ring.

Ethan could sort of remember it. Dwight had gone down on one knee when he gave it to him. Ethan had frozen when he did. He thought Dwight was trying to propose or something. They’d just started dating and it was too much for Ethan too soon, but then Dwight was saying those words, those beautiful words and Ethan needed to give Dwight his heart. Deep down, he knew he already had.

Ethan’s eyes filled with tears as he started to remember it, started to remember how he felt, “Y-You were so sweet. You already had my heart, you know? You always had my heart.”

Dwight hugged Ethan tightly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

"No. No, it’s just a lot to take in. I’m happy. I promise." Ethan smiled softly, hugging Dwight as tightly as he could. He clung to Dwight’s warmth. He was perfect. He was so perfect and Ethan wasn’t sure what he did to deserve him, really. He was doing everything to make it easier for him and asked nothing in return, no matter how painful it was for him.

Suddenly it was so simple. How he hadn’t seen it before, with the way Dwight had been treating him, trying so hard to make him happy and make sure he was okay, he didn’t know. He looked into Dwight’s eyes, taking a deep breath, “I…I love you, Dwight.”

Dwight just stared at him for a moment, trying to take that in. He hadn’t expected Ethan to say it. He had missed hearing it so much. It was one of those things he’d heard every day and so, had ended up taking it for granted. It had been too long since he’d heard those words from Ethan’s lips. 

Ethan was so scared. Dwight hadn’t frozen with him like this before. He held Dwight a little bit tighter, hoping he would wake up from the trance he seemed to be in. Maybe he shouldn’t have said it. He was already regretting it, simply because of the way Dwight was reacting. He didn’t think it would hurt him, but maybe it had, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to-“

"Don’t you dare apologise for saying that." Dwight murmured, smiling fondly, "I love you too, Ethan.

Ethan’s heart swelled. He couldn’t stop smiling. Dwight had said it a few times before, but this time he could remember the feelings, he could remember how much he wanted Dwight to say those words and how good it made him feel to hear them. It was perfect.

He pulled Dwight closer, cupping his face in his hand, brushing their noses together, and parting his lips, “C-Can I kiss you?”

"You never have to ask me that." Dwight smiled fondly.

Ethan chuckled softly, unsure of himself. He was sure, judging by the memories, that he had kissed Dwight before, but this was like the first time. The gap between them was so small it didn’t take much to close it, pressing their lips gently together. Dwight’s lips were so soft and warm and Ethan melted into the kiss straight away, sighing softly.

It was all so soft and sweet and Ethan melted further and further, moving closer. Suddenly there was a tongue hesitantly flicked over Ethan’s bottom lip and it felt so familiar. He ran a hand into Dwight’s hair, holding him in place as he parted his lips, swiping his own tongue against Dwight’s lips, smirking as the hunter groaned softly.

Ethan felt his confidence boost at the sound, flicking his tongue into Dwight’s mouth for just a moment. Dwight moaned, holding Ethan a little closer. He reluctantly pulled away for air, whispering into Ethan’s lips, “Don’t you dare start teasing me now…”

Ethan chuckled, nipping softly on Dwight’s lip, “You like it.”

"Two can play at that game."

"I’d like to see you try."

"Oh God, I missed this." Dwight grinned, wrapping his arms tightly around Ethan’s neck, holding him close and sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, earning a soft groan. He let his teeth graze gently over the soft skin and Ethan whined softly, Dwight tugging on his lip as he pulled away, "Thank you…for the best date ever."

Dwight chuckled, “You’re so welcome.” 

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