Dwight Houston and Ethan Brightman are in love. Nothing could ever come between them, not until the car accident. Ethan loses all memory of being with Dwight but can love truly conquer all? Can Dwight find a way to trigger Ethan’s memories?

Meanwhile, Ethan is struggling with strange feelings he never thought he’d have. He’s drawn to Dwight and knows thaat there is something important there, something he’d forgetting, something just out of reach. If he could just figure out what it was.

Characters from CP Coulter’s ‘Dalton’

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Collision - Part 15 

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Dwight hadn’t expected this. It was so much so soon but he was so bereft of affection by this point that he just didn’t care. He groaned softly as Ethan tugged gently on a strand of his hair, biting his lip. The kiss had started out so sweet, so innocent, yet as they slowly made their way towards Windsor, hands started to roam, kisses got more passionate and Dwight was wondering how the hell he lasted that long without Ethan’s tongue in his mouth.

They hadn’t even parted to open the door, Dwight reaching out aimlessly for the handle and moaning as Ethan grazed his teeth along his tongue, pulling him down the halls. He didn’t even care if anyone saw them at that point. He was so far gone, so caught up in the moment because Ethan was there, his arms moving around Dwight’s body and their lips pressed firmly together. Nothing else mattered.

It was like Ethan was suddenly remembering everything and Dwight could only be grateful that Ethan was such a good learner because this was all so much, so good, such sensory overload in all the right ways. He wanted more, craved it, but he wouldn’t. He needed to move at Ethan’s pace, even if he was moving much faster than Dwight had expected. 

Dwight hadn’t realised how far down the hall they’d gotten, gasping as Ethan pressed him firmly to the door, “E-Ethan…”

"Let me in…" Ethan nipped softly on Dwight’s lips, their bodies flush together and it was all Dwight could do not to roll his hips forward.


"Don’t want the night to end…"

"But Ethan…we should slow down."

"I’ll slow down. I can go slower, please Dwight, I need this."

Dwight didn’t want to argue. He couldn’t, really. Ethan was all but begging him to let him stay in his room, something he’d thought he wouldn’t ever get to do again. Taking a deep breath, Dwight nodded slowly, turning in Ethan’s hold and pulling his keys out of his pocket. Ethan kept his arms wrapped around Dwight from behind, pressing kisses to his skin and causing Dwight’s hand to shake as he tried to get the key in the lock. Once Dwight finally got the key in the lock, Ethan licked a line along his neck, causing the hunter to gasp, tilting his head to the side, “God, you’re such a tease…”

"Hurry up." Ethan whispered in Dwight’s ear and he swore that was the sexiest sound in the world. There was so much promise in those two words. He had absolutely no idea what it was Ethan was planning to do, but he knew it’d be good. It always was. 

Finally getting the door open, Ethan immediately turned Dwight in his arms, pressing their lips back together in a passionate kiss. It was all desperation, and want, and need. They had gone so long trying to deny that need but now, finally they could let go and give in to each other. 

Dwight groaned into Ethan’s lips, biting gently, “Mmm baby, I missed you so much…”

"I don’t know why I was fighting this for so long." Ethan slipped a hand into Dwight’s back pocket, pulling him closer. 

It took all of Dwight’s will power not to go over the top, not to pounce on him, not to use all the techniques they’d learnt together to turn Ethan into a quivering mess, begging for more.

"I could drive you crazy, you know? I could have you screaming." Dwight ran his hands under Ethan’s shirt, digging his nails into his skin just enough before whispering into his lips, "But I won’t."

Ethan moaned, pulling Dwight towards the bed, “Why not? I want you to. I want you to do everything you usually do to me, Dwight…”

"No." Dwight kissed Ethan softly, pulling away after a moment, "We go at your pace, which means, I’m following your lead."

"How far have we gone…you and me?" Ethan’s voice showed just a little bit of nerves and Dwight took a moment to look Ethan up and down appreciatively, kissing his neck.

"All the way."

"Oh thank God." Ethan pulled Dwight into a searing kiss, groaning softly. 

He pushed Dwight onto the bed and Dwight wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. He hadn’t expected a reaction like that. Ethan was all need and hunger and desire and Dwight wasn’t sure how long he was going to last with him like this. 

As Ethan crawled over him, a mischievous smirk on his lips, Dwight knew he was done for. He knew Ethan had plans and suddenly it was like he wanted to fight back. He wanted to show Ethan just what he could do, how good he could make him feel, but there would be other times for that. This was Ethan’s turn, his turn to reintroduce himself to Dwight’s body.

Ethan brushed his nose along Dwight’s cheek and the hunter couldn’t help but sigh happily, wanting to keep that close, that intimate. It was a simple action, but it was so sweet and Dwight kind of wanted him to do it again.

As Ethan’s hands moved slowly down Dwight’s chest, he pressed soft kisses to Dwight’s jaw, slowly moving down to his neck. Dwight didn’t want it to end. He wanted Ethan to move faster, yet he would’ve loved for time to slow down too, just a little, just enough to make it last.

Ethan looked up at Dwight for a moment, smiling softly. He pressed a delicate kiss to Dwight’s neck, slowly pressing more and more kisses to the spot and applying more and more pressure. Dwight groaned softly, tilting his head to the side to give Ethan more room. He’d been rough with Ethan before and could handle just about any amount of pressure Ethan gave him. 

As Ethan let his teeth gently drag over Dwight’s skin, he hunter moaned, doing everything he could to stop his hips from rolling forward impulsively. Ethan’s teeth were guaranteed to make Dwight gasp, and groan, and mewl, and beg for more.

Dwight ran his fingers into Ethan’s hair, his eyes fluttering closed as Ethan let his teeth gently brush over his skin once more, “Mmm…”

Dwight gasped, moaning softly as Ethan applied the slightest pressure, his teeth running along sensitive skin. It was like the sound spurred Ethan on, causing him to dig his teeth in a little further and Dwight whined softly, gripping Ethan’s hair and pressing him down further, urging him to do more, to keep going.

Ethan took the less than subtle hint, sinking his teeth into Dwight’s skin. The hunter mewled softly, moving subtly into the touch. He opened his mouth in a silent moan as Ethan began to suck his skin, unable to stop his hips from rocking forward. It was all instinct, he couldn’t help himself when Ethan was marking his skin like that and he needed Ethan to keep going, to do more. He needed more.

Ethan moaned, grinding his hips down into Dwight’s and pulled away from his neck, kissing the mark he’d left behind. Dwight couldn’t contain his moan as he looked into Ethan’s eyes and saw how dark they’d become, lust filled, and wanton. 

Ethan leant forward, growling into Dwight’s lips, “Patience. I want to do some more exploring…”.

Dwight bit his lip, staring into Ethan’s eyes for a moment more, “I’m all yours.”

"Mmm yes, you are…" Ethan let his fingers slide under Dwight’s hoodie, slowly pulling it up to reveal beautiful, pale flesh.

The way Ethan licked his lips as he got a glimpse of Dwight’s body was enough to have the hunter moaning in itself, as Ethan slid the hoodie off, it all got so much better. Dwight watched Ethan carefully as he ran his hands up his chest.

"You’re so beautiful." Ethan murmured, causing Dwight to chuckle.

"You say that every time."

"Has it ever not been true?"

"I could ask you the same question." Dwight groaned as Ethan let his fingers catch on a nipple. 

Ethan chuckled softly, leaning forward and flicking his tongue against the skin just neck to Dwight’s nipple, causing his breath to catch. Ethan grinned, enjoying watching and causing reactions in the hunter. He pressed a kiss to the nipple, taking his time and letting his tongue flick over the sensitive skin.

"E-Ethan…" Dwight moaned, arching his back into the touch, trying to get used to the sensation. It had been so long, he couldn’t help but be swept away by the sheer pleasure of everything Ethan was doing to him, the thought of everything that was to come only making things worse.

Ethan chuckled softly, running his tongue tortuously slowly over Dwight’s nipple. The hunter moaned louder this time, throwing his head back, “F-Fuck, Ethan…”

"Soon, Dwight." Ethan murmured, chuckling softly. Finally, Ethan grazed his teeth over Dwight’s nipple and he was sure that would be enough to ruin him. That one simple action had Dwight writhing, moaning and shuddering as pleasure washed through him.

"M-More…Ethan, oh God, please. I know w-we’re going at your pace but this is torture." Dwight almost begged, running his hands under Ethan’s shirt, "You’re still wearing so many layers…"

Ethan laughed, slipping off his shirt, “Better?”

Dwight grinned, sitting up, “Much.”

He wrapped an arm around Ethan’s torso, pressing his lips to one of Ethan’s nipples. He smirked as the Tweedle moaned, his hand impulsively moving into Dwight’s hair and urging him to keep going. He licked gently on the nipple at first, nipping gently and causing Ethan to whine softly, throwing his head back.

"Mmm Dwight, you’re so good at that."

Dwight chuckled softly. He’d learnt everything from Ethan. It was amazing to get to do that with Ethan again after all that time. He needed more, he craved it. He hadn’t expected after all the time that had passed for it to be that good. 

Dwight wanted to pleasure Ethan too. He wanted to show him how much he missed him, but he needed to keep going at his pace, so teasing him with kisses and licks was the most he could do, not that he minded. The sounds the actions elicited were well worth it.

Ethan pulled Dwight up, into a passionate kiss. It was a battle for dominance Dwight would always say he let Ethan win, even though they both knew Ethan always did. Ethan was all about control and Dwight was all about being dominated. It didn’t take much for him to give in, to follow Ethan’s lead. Ethan laced their fingers together, pressing Dwight’s hands to the bed, grinning down at him as he was pinned there.

"What are you going to do now?" Dwight murmured softly, grinning.

"Oh, I don’t know." Ethan straddled Dwight’s hips, grinding against him and earning a soft groan from the hunter, "I can think of a few things."

"Stop thinking, and start doing!" Dwight ran his fingers down Ethan’s back, nipping gently on his lip.

Ethan chuckled softly, running his hands along Dwight’s body. He looked Dwight up and down carefully, biting his lip as he smirked. Normally Dwight would’ve been uneasy at the gaze but this was just another thing that Ethan always did. He kind of liked it if he was honest. He liked knowing that Ethan liked what he saw when he looked at him. 

Ethan grinned shuffling down Dwight’s body and pressed his palm firmly against the bulge in his pants, earning a quiet groan as Dwight pressed himself closer.

"What do you want?" Ethan whispered, looking up at him.

Dwight couldn’t quite think straight with Ethan’s hand right there, applying just the right amount of pressure, “A-Anything. Ethan, please…”

Ethan smirked, subtly rubbing his hand along the bulge, causing Dwight to choke on a moan. He spread his legs a little more rocking his hips into Ethan’s hand. It was amazing to be so close to Ethan again and to feel his hands on him like that. He wasn’t sure he’d ever feel it again and as Ethan fiddled with his belt, Dwight whined softly, throwing his head back.

Dwight whimpered pitifully at the loss of Ethan’s hand, watching him carefully as he slowly slid down his pants. He groaned softly as Ethan kept eyes on his, smirking. 

Ethan looked over Dwight licking his lips once more and flicking his tongue over the tip of his length. 

Dwight bit down hard on his lip, trying not to moan, trying not to give Ethan the satisfaction of knowing just what he was doing to him. Ethan simply took it as a challenge, scratching his nails along Dwight’s thighs and slowly ran his tongue along the underside of Dwight, grinning as the hunter writhed, clutching at the bed sheets, “E-Ethan…fuck, d-don’t stop…”

Ethan chuckled softly, running his fingers up and down Dwight’s thighs, causing the hunter to shiver. He smirked, looking up at Dwight, “You’re so desperate for it, aren’t you?”

"It’s been so long Ethan, please…"

It was like Ethan knew. He knew he was teasing and torturing and he knew how much Dwight loved that, but he knew how much Dwight needed this, how much he craved it. Carefully spreading Dwight’s thighs, Ethan slowly took Dwight into his mouth, causing the hunter to cry out on pleasure, throwing his head back and running his hands into Ethan’s hair, gripping tightly.

Dwight couldn’t think straight anymore. He had been wanting it for so long, craving Ethan’s touch and now that he had it, it was almost too much to bear. It took all his self control not to thrust into Ethan’s mouth, the wet heat sending him closer and closer to the edge. He didn’t want to let go though. He wasn’t ready. He needed the moment to last.

As Ethan started moving, bobbing his head and alternating between sucking hard and soft, Dwight wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to last. He wanted to hold on. He wanted Ethan to give him more, this wasn’t enough, but he just couldn’t hold it in much longer.

"E-Ethan…so close…"

With Dwight’s words, Ethan quickly pulled away, Dwight whining sadly at the loss, “Hold on. I’m not finished with you yet.”

Dwight growled, flipping them. He knew he was meant to be going at Ethan’s pace and that this was about him but he couldn’t take the teasing anymore. He was allowed to take those pants off. He was allowed to touch Ethan, just a little. If Ethan could get away with it, so too could he.

Ethan looked up at him, biting his lip, stifling a grin, “Mmm so forceful, I love it.”

Dwight quickly undid Ethan’s pants, slipping them off, and looked Ethan up and down. He was beginning to think he’d never get to see Ethan like that again. So vulnerable, so beautiful, so perfect. He let his fingers trail along Ethan’s sides, causing him to shiver, keeping his eyes trained on Dwight’s.

Dwight smiled softly up at him, brushing his fingers over Ethan’s length. The Tweedle groaned softly, moving his hips subtly into the touch. That was all the encouragement Dwight needed to start stroking him, groaning softly as Ethan gasped, thrusting into his hand. He loved knowing he could do that to Ethan. In one moment, he could have Ethan gasping, groaning, begging, and Dwight always wanted to make it last when he did it. He wanted to watch Ethan, see the pleasure he was giving him. 

"Ethan…what do you want? This is about you. Tell me what you want…" He urged, speeding up his stroked and earning a soft whine.

"I want you. I-I want to make you scream." Ethan looked down at Dwight, his voice rough, "I want to remember what it feels like to be inside you."

Dwight’s hand on Ethan stopped for a moment, just staring at Ethan. This was all one thing but he hadn’t expected Ethan to want to go that far. He kept thinking about it, thinking about Ethan inside him, pounding into him like he always did and Dwight was sure he wouldn’t last long. He wanted it though, and if Ethan wanted it too, he wasn’t about to say no.

"Make love to me, Ethan." Dwight murmured, biting his lip, and that was all Ethan needed.

Ethan leant forward, pulling Dwight down to him and pressing their lips together in a gentle kiss, his fingers tangling into Dwight’s hair. It was soft and sweet and Dwight felt himself melt into the kiss, moving closer and sighing happily. He bit gently on Ethan’s lip, smiling fondly as Ethan nipped gently on his, rolling them and holding him down on the bed once more. 

"I need to prepare you." Ethan murmured into his lips, making no move to pull away.

Dwight quickly shook his head, running his fingers through Ethan’s hair, “No. I need you now. I want to feel it Ethan, please…”

"A-Are you sure?"

Dwight growled softly into Ethan’s lips, “Do it, Ethan.”

Ethan grinned, grazing his teeth along Dwight’s lip. Dwight couldn’t help but grin as Ethan opened the top drawer, knowing exactly where they kept the condoms. At least he was remembering things, even if he wasn’t realising it. 

He watched as Ethan slid the condom on, biting his lip. He didn’t think this would happen so soon. He didn’t realise how badly he wanted it, how much he missed it, but as Ethan lined himself up, making sure Dwight was ready, he knew he needed it. Moaning as Ethan started pressing into him, Dwight dug his nails roughly into his back, throwing his head back and crying out in pleasure. It felt like an eternity before Ethan was all the way in but it was perfect. 

Dwight wasn’t sure how long he was going to last like that, groaning and arching his back, “Move Ethan…p-please…”

Ethan groaned, thrusting into Dwight and he was sure he was going to lose control. His hips moved with Ethan’s, urging him to keep going.

Ethan moved faster, spurred on by the sounds spilling from Dwight’s lips. He moaned, moving his hand to Dwight’s length, stroking in rhythm with his thrusts. Dwight cried out, thrusting into Ethan’s hand and moving with him, scratching his nails down his back.

"F-Fuck Ethan, c-can’t take much more…"

Ethan sped up his thrusts, matching it with his strokes and moaned, “Let go Dwight…s-scream…”

Dwight thrust his hips into Ethan’s hand once more before finally letting go, arching his back and screaming Ethan’s name. As he tightened around Ethan, that was enough to set him off too, throwing his head back and crying out as he came undone.

Dwight melted into the sheets, smiling lazily. He hadn’t felt that good in so long. He groaned softly as Ethan pulled out, watching him toss the condom to the bin and crawl up to him. He smiled fondly up at Ethan, brushing his fingers along his cheek, “I love you.”

"I love you too." Ethan grinned, kissing Dwight softly and wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Stay tonight." Dwight almost wanted to beg.

"I’m not going anywhere."

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